World Alcoholic Drinks Industry Looks at New Markets and Trends to Boost Business
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Jason kotke
2009-12-09 12:19:35 UTC
While unfavorable currency rates and the global consumer credit crunch
contributed to a temporary dip in the volume of sales, consumption has
been steadily on the increase in the last several months, albeit in
new ways and throwing up new market trends.

For instance, English sparkling wines is one of the biggest success
stories of 2009, producers and retailers say, enjoying record sales as
their appeal has grown on the back of the recession. Further, results
posted by major brewers in the last quarter show the global beer
market is riding out the tail-end of the financial crisis well with
global beer consumption set to rise by 3.5% by 2015.

While the traditional premium markets such as Europe and the US
continue to be stable, volume sales are increasing in developing
markets such as Asia, notably China and India, Latin America and
Eastern Europe; other new and developing markets include Kenya and
Mexico. In the mature markets, while high-end buyers are opting for a
value over volume strategy, mid-range consumers are choosing value for
money by buying drinks from New Zealand, South Africa and Chile than
those from the euro area.

The global economic downturn is making companies adopt an increasingly
clever and ingenious approach to all aspects of business. "Now, more
than ever, it is vital companies have direct access to the senior
executives who take the final decision on vendor selection and the
ultimate sign off on all budgets. But reaching the decision maker is
costly, time-consuming and hard to achieve. Now this is where the
Drink World Congress assists business by guaranteeing targeted, face-
to-face business meetings with people that count," says Sonja
Merchant, Director, Drink World Congress.

Drink World Congress 2010-2011 is a unique four-edition event aimed at
finding new initiatives, arranging direct access to decision makers
and delivering tangible business results for the growth of the
producers of spirits and wines worldwide. Between September 2010 and
June 2011, the congresses will be held in Hong Kong (8-10 Sep 2010),
Milan (03-05 Nov 2010), New York (16-18 Mar 2011) and in Moscow (08-10
June 2011).

The event brings together hosted VIP buyers from specific regions
around the world to meet with the world’s most sought after suppliers
and makers of wine, spirits, beer and other alcoholic drinks to meet,
exchange business terms and seal deals. This formula is successful
because it is based on an unrivalled pre-qualified, pre-scheduled
appointment system and effective networking opportunities.

The format and value-for-money price point of the congress ensures
suppliers have a focused business environment, unparalleled access to
potential clients, thus saving time and money, and delivering
exceptional business results.

Very Early Bird Discounts for Suppliers end 22 December 2009. For more
information please visit http://www.drinkworldcongress.com/supplier.php
2009-12-21 04:41:40 UTC
The real shining star is the craft brewing industry who are jumpin
leaps and bounds over the big boys as far as growth. Its an interestin
time for them....